• Framed Prints:
    We will professionally mount and matt the print using acid-free, museum-quality board and place the piece in a ready-to-hang frame. We use photographic paper or water-color paper (watercolor is required if adding pressed flowers to the print--see below).
    • 5x7 Framed Size = $29.99
    • 8x10 Framed Size = $34.99
    • 11x14 Framed Size = $44.99
    • Print on Watercolor Paper = $10
    Consider turning your photo into a painting.

  • Framed Prints With Pressed Flowers:
    Our unique service starts with our first carefully selecting and pressing a variety of flowers. The flowers are chosen for the finished product based on color, size, curve, shape... They can be placed either on the print itself or on the frame. There are no two pieces alike. Your arrangement will be a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

    More examples.

    • Add Flowers to 5x7
      • add to print = $19.99
      • add to frame = $29.99
    • Add Flowers to 8x10
      • add to print = $29.99
      • add to frame = $44.99
    • Add Flowers to 11x14
      • add to print = $44.99
      • add to frame = $64.99

  • T-shirts:
    They say wearing your heart on your sleeve is not a good thing. But wearing your loved one on your chest definitely IS! We can put your sweetie on a quality cotton short-sleeved T-shirt in any size.
    • Childrenís Sizes = $17.99
    • Adult S - M - L = $19.99
    • Adult XL and Up = $23.99

  • Human Sweaters: $250
    Another unique service of ours! We turn the original picture into a stitch pattern and knit it up into a sweater of your choice of size and color.

  • Dog Sweaters: (Starting at $30)
    We offer four styles:
    • The knitted sweater (They are too small to put a photo design on, but we can do any size, color or other stitch pattern.)
    • A T-shirt style with a photo transfer.
    • A T-shirt with your pet's face (or name or other design) embroidered on the back
    • A Hand painted or batiked T-shirt.
    See PoshTogsForDogs.com for more apparel for the pampered dog and cat (such as beaded collars).

  • Note cards: $19.99
    Share your best friendís image with family, friends, even business associates. Comes in a set of 6 5x7 note cards with envelopes. Go ahead, make somebodyís day with a notecard.

    Got Another Idea?

    Want your best friendís image printed on something not mentioned? Ask us! There are a ton more surfaces we can print on or transfer to, like aprons, tote bags, light-switch plates, calendars, fridge magnets, rubber stamps, mouse pads, coasters... We can print an image (for framing) on water color paper, canvas and a few other exotic surfaces).


    • Prices subject to change
    • Photographer retains all copyrights.
    • No returns on custom orders.

    All photographs contained herein are copyrighted © Theresa A. Husarik, all rights reserved and can not be used in any way without prior permission from the photographer.

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