Our imaginations and digital imaging skills are unlimited. Possible enhancements include:
Making your critter's photo look like a painting (and we can print on danvas to enhance the effect. Examples
Adding something to the original print such as another pet, person, prop or even a different background (put your critter in an exotic place). Examples
Pet Make-Overs: Pets are digitally "costumed" with wigs, hats, glasses and other accessories for a variety of looks. Guaranteed to make you smile! Examples
Adding text to the image (eg putting a whimsical saying on a T-shirt). Examples
Cutting the image away from its background. Examples
Adding a fancy border to the image. Examples
Giving the image the look of a drawing. Example
Scanning the print with pressed flowers and getting that on a T-shirt or other surface.
Selective coloring (adding bits of color to a black and white image, or fading the color). Examples
The possibilities are endless...
Extra Digital Work = $50/hr (min 1/2 hr)

All photographs contained herein are copyrighted © Theresa A. Husarik, all rights reserved and can not be used in any way without prior permission from the photographer.

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